Tuesday, January 28, 2003

So did they or didn't they?

I refer, of course, to Joe Millionaire, and whether or not he did the deed with Mojo before brutally kicking her out of the running. I didn't much care for her (and thought that jigsaw puzzle was a little weird!), but still! that's just humiliating.

I am getting ready to start my most amibitious knitting to date. I'm going to make a sleeveless sweater, the pattern for which i found on my latest Website addiction. I hope it turns out-- I spent almost $70 at Knitting Hands, the awesome yarn store in my 'hood. What if it's ugly? Or worse yet, what if it's ugly but I don't realize it, so blinded am I with pride?

I had a minor setback with setting up my externship. I have my heart set on working at Verbena, but when I called to set up a trail there (where I go in and work for a night to see what the atmosphere is like), the chef said that he already had two externs. The promising thing is, I think they'll be done by late March, which is about when I'll be needing to go there, so maybe he'll be able to squeeze me in. But I'm disheartened enough that now I am afraid to call him. Must...get...a...spine...

Friday, January 24, 2003

I'm almost done with our 4th, and penultimate, module at school, Baking. Thank god. I have always had a sweet tooth, but after 8 weeks of learning how to make chocolates, cakes, pastries, tarts, etc, I think I'm almost cured. Or actually, I stuff my face, swear I'll never have another sweet thing, and then the next day I'm craving it again. It's like crack cocaine-- highly addictive!

Work is getting a little overwhelming, but one cool thing is that I'm interviewing --via email-- the chef at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, which happens to be the highest restaurant in the world!

I finally saw Blue Crush on DVD the other night. A little bit of trivia that I didn't know-- the movie was (very very loosely) based on a magazine article that was written by my favorite New Yorker writer Susan Orlean, who also wrote The Orchid Thief, which the current Spike Jonze movie, Adaptation, is based on. Who knew? Anyway, I dug through my bookshelf and found a book of her essays called The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup that I picked up last summer. And sure enough, there's a story called "The Maui Surfer Girls" that ran in a magazine called Women Outside back in 1998. Let me emphasize-- the movie is VERY loosely based on Susan's story. But it's a pretty entertaining piece, in fact, I've started reading some of the other essays and was once again blown away at how good a writer she is. Something for me to aspire to, certainly. There's one essay about the Shaggs, that girl band from the '60s. I need to do some further investigating about them-- I have Chip looking for MP3 downloads this afternoon.

By the way, I'm going to see Adaptation Saturday night.